What are cookies, how they are used on our website and how you can control them.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device. It’s purpose is to allow a web server to identify a user’s device and web browser to tailor web pages and/or login information to a user’s preferences. Cookies help us to display the information needed to use bwefardeboer.com and other information which we consider to be of interest to our visitors. By gathering and remembering information about website preferences through cookies, we can provide a better experience.

Different flavors

Just like real life cookies, not all cookies are the same. On the web they come in two flavors. There are session cookies and persistent cookies. Here at bwefardeboer.com, we use both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies allow us to uniquely identify your browser and to process your online transactions. These cookies will disappear from your device  when the web browser is closed or the device is turned off. We also utilize persistent cookies. These help us with things as remembering your prefered language. Persistent cookies remain on your device  after the web browser is closed or the device is turned off.

First & Third-party cookies

The cookies we set are called "first-party cookies," while cookies set by others are called "third-party cookies." 
A third-party-cookie can recognize your device when visiting bwefardeboer.com and when it visits certain other places on the internet. Bwefar & de Boer does not control when or how third-party cookies are being used, but you can check out the website of a third-party cookie provider to find out more about that. Both types of cookies can serve many services such as marketing, advertising and analytics. For more information on how you can control third party cookies, please have a look at the relevant section below.

Cookies set by us are called "first-party cookies," while cookies set by others are called "third-party cookies." A third-party cookie can recognize your device both when it visits our Services and when it visits certain other websites or mobile apps. Webflow does not control how third-party cookies are used, so you should check the website of a third-party cookie provider for more information about how they are used. Both first-party and third-party cookies can serve many functions, including analytics, marketing, and advertising. For more information about how you can control advertising or analytics cookies, please see the relevant section below.

Why we uses cookies 

At bwefareboer.com we use cookies and similar tracking technologies to enable functionalities on bwefardeboer.com and to assist with marketing our products and services to interested individuals. Cookies help us improve by telling us how our website is being used, remembering your preferences, letting you navigate between pages efficiently, and overall ensuring you enjoy your browsing experience. 

Manage first-party cookies

If you would like to control the first-party cookies on our website, you can use your browser to enable, disable, or delete cookies. To do this, follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually located within the “Help,” “Tools,” or “Edit” settings). Note that if you set your browser to disable cookies, some parts of our website may not work properly. Most well known browser manufacturers provide helpful information about cookie management. Here are some of the most well known.

If you need more information on how to change your browser’s cookie settings, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

The third party cookies we use

As explained above, at bwefardeboer.com we use third-party advertising and analytics tools to help us measure traffic and usage trends and to share offers with individuals who may be interested in our services. We primarily use the following tools for advertising and/or analytics, for which we include relevant privacy information and opt-out options: